Sebastian Faulks, CBE

Winner, British Book Awards Popular Fiction Award 1996 and Author of the Year 1994

Author, Girl at the Lion d’Or, Birdsong


‘Austenistan is a clever, contemporary take on Jane Austen’s work. The wonderful, mind-bending mix of Pakistani and cultural flavours offers something for everyone’

Dr Amanda Foreman, FRSA

Chair, 2016 Man Booker Prize for Fiction

Author, Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire, The World Made By Women


‘Laughed so much…Bravo Austenistanians!’ 

Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang

Winner, Nottingham Writers Studio Novelist of the Year 2018

Author, The Last Vicereine, The Woman Who Lost China 


‘A piquant morsel at a time, this is Austen with garam masala’

Moni Mohsin

Author, Diary of a Social Butterfly


‘(Austenistan) invites readers to reimagine Regency England in a contemporary South Asian context

Georgina Godwin

British Council Arts Podcast


‘I smiled all the way through Austenistan. I love this collection and the way that characters and themes from Jane Austen’s novels are transposed to modern day situations in Pakistan and around the world. In these light, bright and sparkling stories we meet a latter-day Lady Susan, a mother with as many worries as Mrs Bennet, a heroine as mistaken as Emma Woodhouse, and a woman as jealous as Caroline Bingley. And here, just as in Austen’s novels, we see heroines struggling to control their own destinies instead of being pushed onto the marriage market’

Rebecca Smith

Author, The Jane Austen Writers’ Club

Jane Austen’s five times great niece


‘Wonderful book…What I thought was so interesting about Laaleen’s idea was that Regency England and contemporary Pakistan society was very similar and it had never struck me before’

Adrian Lukis

Actor, Pride and Prejudice, The Crown


‘Two hundred years on and the heartache remains painfully the same: a fascinating look at the lives of young Pakistanis today. Jane Austen in Jimmy Choos’

Ashok Ferrey

Author, The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons


‘…One of this year’s most intriguing Austen spinoff books.’

Deborah Yaffe

Author, Among the Janeites


‘…The social mores of Regency England and how they’ve been compared to what’s happening in Pakistani society by Laaleen Sukhera in her wonderful collection of short stories, Austenistan’

Gill Caldicott

Director, British Council Sri Lanka


‘A joy to read, giving me delicious glimpses into Pakistani society’

Sheela Reddy

Author, Mr and Mrs Jinnah: The Marriage That Shook India


(Laaleen is)…As eloquent as Lizzie Bennet’

Melissa van der Klugt

The Times and The Sunday Times